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In 916 an expedition of Danes sailed up the Bandon river, causing havoc.  Old place-names in the area close to the present town of Bandon, place-names such as Dundanair (meaning the stronghold of the Danes) and Danesfort, would seem to indicate that they continued to control the area for some time.  Subsequently that territory was ruled by the O'Mahony Clan.

Towards the end of the 16th century, these lands were confiscated by the Crown and were acquired by Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork, who acquired a huge amount of land throughout Munster.  It was he who established the town of Bandon, and set about making it impregnable, because the natives were not friendly.   


The walls that he built around the town were nine feet thick and thirty feet high or more.  The area enclosed by the walls was about 27 acres.  The builders of the walls received two and a half pence per day, eventually raised to three pence per day after they had agitated for more.

Times change; the walls have disappeared; the town has expanded and flourished.  The local people are delighted to welcome strangers to their town which they regard as "The Gateway to West Cork".

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