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Glandore Harbour
Part 1

Glandore and Union Hall have been described as non-identical twin villages; twin because they share the same bay, their life blood, Glandore Harbour, but non-identical because they are quite different in many ways. As you sail into the harbour, Glandore is to starboard and a little futher in, Union Hall in on the port side.

The entrance to Glandore Harbour is guarded, as it were, by two little rocky islands, Adam and Eve. The advice to sailors navigating in the Harbour is "Avoid Adam and Hug Eve", - a lesson first taught, no doubt, by sad experience on Adam's reefs and shoals.


In the vicinity of the entrance to Glandore Harbour the ocean wave produces a keening sound at times. This wave is known in Gaelic as "Tonn Chliodhna" i.e. "Cliona's Wave". Legend has it that in the distant past a love-sick young beauty was tragically drowned here and the intermittent keening of the wave is her ghostly lament. A more prosaic explanation is that, in certain conditions of wind and tide, the keening sound is produced by the wind echoing in the crevices and little caves hewn by the waves in the cliffs. But why accept a prosaic solution when the other is more romantic and more in tune with alleged belief in banshees, leprechauns and other goblins.


Glandore and Union Hall Part 2

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